tadaatoolbox 0.17.0 Unreleased

  • Ensure compatibility with broom 0.7.0 (#32)
  • Remove tadaa_pairwise_gh.
  • Update infrastructure using usethis::use_tidy_ci(), bumps R dependency to >= 3.2.
  • Add z.test() to fill the niche in stats. Useful to verify hand-made calculations done in educational contexts, as I assume nobody else will ever need a z-test function.
  • Add tadaa_z.test() while we’re at it.

Fixing mistakes

  • Remove internal Levene-test from tadaa_t.test(), defaulting to var.equal = FALSE as stats::t.test() does. Turns out this was a pretty bad idea due to the multiplicity problem, and the Welch-test is good enough.
  • Remove the post-hoc / empirical power from
  • Remove tadaa_normtest(). It never should have been a thing in the first place.

tadaatoolbox 0.16.1 2018-11-23

  • Add inv() for inverting Likert-scales
  • Make pval_string() conform to APA guidelines (no more leading zeros)
  • More accurate R dependency (R >= 2.10) (i.e. more inclusive)
  • Add a bunch more tests

tadaatoolbox 0.16.0 2018-01-10

Fixes & Features

  • Add ord_pairs to retrieve Nc, Nd, ties and total number of pairs for contingency tables. Internals for this function are straight up copied from this gist.
  • Add etasq in case you want to show students what η2 is without having to explain ANOVA.
  • Fix ord_somers_d not returning the correct value for symmetric = TRUE
  • Removed drop_labels because sjlabelled::zap_labels is a thing


  • Eliminate ryouready dependency, in favor of the more versatile DescTools package:
  • Eliminate vcd dependency, also in favor of DescTools.
  • (The DescTools functions are very similar to what the wrappers do, so the wrappers might be removed in the future.)
  • Eliminate lazyeval dependency in tadaa_int by being better at ggplot2.
  • Eliminate dplyr dependency by being better at R.
  • Eliminate haven dependency by not re-exporting as_factor anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Eliminate sjmisc depencency because why did we depend on that again?
  • Eliminate sjlabelled dependency (only used for re-exports).
  • Eliminate lsr dependency in favor of, you guessed it, DescTools for eta in tadaa_aov.

tadaatoolbox 0.15.0 2017-12-15

  • Fix error in SEM calculation in tadaa_one_sample for t-tests
  • Make sure tadaa_-test functions use tadaatoolbox::pval_string instead of the pixiedust version
  • Remove recoded leist var from ngo, as it should be computed from leistung by students.
  • Move cowplot from Imports to Suggests because we only need it in one function, sometimes.
  • More compact table output in tadaa_nom and tadaa_ord.


  • [tadaa_]likertize is removed. Use sjmisc::split_var.
  • labels_to_factor is removed because various as_factors exist.

tadaatoolbox 0.14.0 2017-11-05

  • Silence warnings in functions using chisq.test
  • Add ord_tau to calculate all the Taus
    • Append them on tadaa_ord

tadaatoolbox 0.13.0 2017-07-12

New Features

  • Add tadaa_chisq for a χ2-Test with OR and effect size.

Under the Hood

  • Switched from sjmisc to the new sjlabelled (Thanks, @strengejacke!)
  • Also re-export magrittr::%$% because it’s really handy sometimes.
  • Fix #30: Undocumented arguments in tadaa_one_sample

tadaatoolbox 0.12.0 2017-06-02

New Features

  • Add tadaa_pairwise_t as an extension of stats::pairwise.t.test that works with two grouping factors and thereby can test interactions.
    • Also knows the Sidak method for p-adjustment, both regular and step-down procedures.
    • See this and that
  • Add tadaa_pairwise_gh for the Games Howell post-hoc procedure as an alternative to TukeyHSD.
  • Add tadaa_pairwise_tukey while we’re at it. Just a thin wrapper for stats::TukeyHSD but with tidied output and usage consistent with the previous tadaa_pairwise_* functions.
  • Add tadaa_plot_tukey to plot Tukey HSD results as error bars because boy do I like error bars.
  • Add tadaa_balance as a replacement for tadaa_heatmap to check equality of group sizes.
  • Re-exports:
    • %>% from magrittr as all the cool kids to these days.
    • %<>% from magrittr because I happen to really like it.
    • [sg]et_label[s]and word_wrap from sjmisc, as they’re handy.
    • as_factor from haven as a replacement for the deprecated labels_to_factor.

Tweaks, Patches & Bug Fixes

  • theme_tadaa:
    • Is now an alias for theme_readthedown, will probably become the new canonical version.
    • Now finally adds vertical space to the x axis title via proper margining.
  • tadaa_aov:
    • Default type is now 3, for generally safer results and consistency with SPSS.
    • Added check_contrasts option for type = 3 sums of squares, which ensures each non-ordered factor has contr.sum contrasts
    • Now auto-factorizes independent variables by default, fixes #24.
    • Now imports methods, which should fix an issue during knitr or rmarkdown processing where the function is couldn’t be found. If not, manually library(methods) as a workaround.
    • Fix wrong sprinkle labelling causing eta.sq to be formatted like a p-value.
    • Added show_power argument to calculate power via pwr::pwr.f2.test.
      • Requires more testing against software like G*power to ensure accuracy.
  • tadaa_t.test:
    • Internal Levene test now uses center = "median" for more robust results, as it should.
      • Now also uses α = 0.05 instead of α = 0.1.
      • Use new argument var.equal to override internal Levene test.
    • Power should now be properly reported for alternative = "less" or greater.
    • Added conf.level argument used for CI and power calculations
    • effect_size_t:
      • Now doesn’t return the absolute effect size by default.
      • Added paired argument so effects for paired tests are now a thing.
  • tadaa_wilcoxon:
    • Also fix direction argument not being honored.
  • tadaa_int:
    • Gains print (logical) argument to suppress printing if so desired. The output will still be returned invisibly.
  • tadaa_one_sample: Should make sense now.
  • Remove na.rm argument from tadaa_t.test and tadaa_wilcoxon because it’s problematic, and in case of paired = TRUE it would have produced flat out wrong results.
  • Documentation improvements
  • Improved print = markdown output of tadaa_aov, tadaa_t.test, tadaa_wilcoxon, tadaa_one_sample, tadaa_kruskal. Unfortunately print = "console" now has headers with unparsed $\LaTeX$-expressions, but who uses that anyway.


  • labels_to_factor: Was a wrapper around haven::as_factor and is obsolete by now, as as_factor can do the same thing this function was built for.
  • tadaa_likertize is renamed to likertize, deprecated since sjmisc::split_var is probably better anyway.

tadaatoolbox 0.11.0 2017-05-15

New Features

  • tadaa_aov now knows about types, uses type 1 by default and can do types 2 and 3.
    • Method for effect size calculation now uses lsr::etaSquared, which also takes a type argument.
  • Add tadaa_mean_ci: Plots means with 95% confidence intervals as errorbars (thanks Christoph for the suggestion).
  • Add tadaa_one_sample: For one-sample t-tests and finally an easy z-test.
    • Add confint_norm: Helper to get CIs, similar to confint_t
  • Add tadaa_wilcoxon: For when tadaa_t.test isn’t non-parametric enough. Same usage.
    • Additionally displays medians of each group.
  • Add tadaa_kruskal: For when tadaa_aov isn’t non-parametric enough, too.
  • Move tadaa_semmean_ci_sem because it’s more confint than tadaa.
  • Add show_n option to tadaa_int: Optionally display N in subtitle.

Tweaks, Patches & Bug Fixes

  • Fix documentation inconsistencies.
  • Turns out pval_string(0.05) returned < 0.05. Well. That was embarrassing.
  • Minor tweaks to theme_readthedown regarding text placement.


  • Remove superfluous variables from ngo: index, zeng, zdeutsch, zmathe.

tadaatoolbox 0.10.0 2016-08-18

Minor changes

  • New function: tadaa_normtest lets you do tests for normality (4 methods) over multiple variables.
  • New function: tadaa_heatmap generates a heatmap. Mhhh, heatmaps.
  • New function: tadaa_sem shows the standard error of the mean and it’s confidence interval
  • New function: pval_string as a modification of pixiedust::pvalString that includes p < .05.
  • Added a ggplot2 theme for the rmdformats::readthedown Rmd template.
  • tadaa_aov, tadaa_t.test and the new tadaa_normtest now return a data.frame by default, allowing further shenanigans

Patch changes

  • New options in tadaa_int:
    • Set grid = TRUE for the two interaction plots to be printed in a grid via cowplot::plot_grid.
    • Choose the plot labels via the labels argument.
  • tadaa_int plot output now also is a little tidier and optimized for smaller widths.
  • tadaa_aov now also shows Cohen’s f for easier power calculations based on f (pwr, G*power)
  • Add option reduce to modus, so multiple results will be concatenated to a character by default.
  • Add additional option as_character to modus because guessing about return value classes is no joke.
  • Fix issues with generate_recodes and interval_labels (#1).

tadaatoolbox 0.9.0 2016-02-18

Minor changes

  • Add tadaa_ord as ordinal equivalent of tadaa_nom.
  • Make table output of both of the former functions smaller in width by abbreviating column names
  • Add brewer_palette option to tadaa_int
  • Dependencies declared in DESCRIPTION are still experimental because of uncertainty regarding failing travis builds. I don’t know what’s going on there.

Patch changes

  • Add family tag to tadaa_ functions so their documentation is linked
  • Fix return values of tadaa_aov, _t.test and _nom which did not work as I expected

tadaatoolbox 0.8.1 Unreleased

  • Fix typo in DESCRIPTION, misspelling pixiedust. Sorry!
  • Bump dependencies
    • pixiedust depends on R (>= 3.2.1), so we might as well depend on that version, too
    • Specifiy minimal versions for pixiedust, sjmisc, and broom, just to be safe
  • Add vignette
    • Overhauling README to be less redundant compared to the usage vignette

tadaatoolbox 0.8.0 2016-02-13

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • Working on CRAN compatibility
  • Submitted to CRAN
  • It’s on CRAN, yay!