This is tadaatoolbox version 0.13.0 (semver(ish)).
It contains helpers for data analysis and presentation focused on undergrad psychology, the target audience being students at University of Bremen.

Please consider this as a teaching project and be careful if you intend to use it for production use.
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Also, since this project is still in the 0.x.y version, you should expect the API to change at any time. Once we reach 1.0.0, API changes will be rolled out more slowly and include depracation warnings. In the meantime, the package is available on CRAN primarily for convenience, because its target audience is likely not familiar with GitHub or devtools.


Install the current development version from GitHub (recommended):

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Please do! I have no idea where I’m going with this. Feel free to open issues.


Contributer Role
Lukas Burk Author & Creator
Tobias Anton Author
Daniel Lüdecke Contributor


See the included vignette for a demonstration: browseVignettes("tadaatoolbox") or view the pkgdowned version of this repo.

Tidy test output

  • tadaa_aov: For aov with included partial \(\eta^2\) and Cohen’s f.
  • tadaa_kruskal: A wrapper for kruskal.test tidied and optionally pixiedusted.
  • tadaa_t.test: For t.test with automatic homogenity of variance detection, effect size and power.
  • tadaa_wilcoxon: A wrapper for wilcox.test tidied and optionally pixiedusted.
  • tadaa_levene: Wrapper for car::leveneTest tidied and optionally pixiedusted.
  • tadaa_normtest lets you do tests for normality (4 methods) over multiple variables.
  • tadaa_pairwise_t, tadaa_pairwise_gh and tadaa_pairwise_tukey for various pairwise procedures.

Statistical functions

  • modus: A simple function to extract the mode of a frequency table
  • nom_chisqu: Simple wrapper for chisq.test that produces a single value.
  • nom_phi: Simple wrapper for vcd::assocstats to extract phi.
  • nom_v: Simple wrapper for vcd::assocstats to extract Cramer’s V.
  • nom_c: Simple wrapper for vcd::assocstats to extract the contingency coefficient c.
  • nom_lambda: Simple wrapper for ryouready::nom.lambda to extract appropriate lambda.
  • ord_gamma: Simple wrapper for ryouready::ord.gamma.
  • ord_somers_d: Simple wrapper for ryouready::ord.somers.d.


  • tadaa_nom: All the nominal stats in one table.
  • tadaa_ord: All the ordinal stats in one table.

Misc. helpers

  • generate_recodes: To produce recode assignments for car::recode for evenly sequenced clusters.
  • interval_labels: To produce labels for clusters created by cut.
  • delete_na: Customizable way to drop NA observations from a dataset.
  • pval_string: Shamelessly adapted from pixiedust::pvalString, this will format a p-value as a character string in common p < 0.001 notation and so on. The difference from the pixiedust version is that this function will also print p < 0.05.

Helpers for plots

CI calculators

  • mean_ci_t: Returns a data.frame with y (mean), ymin and ymax for the CI bounds.
    • confint_t: For the underlying function to get the CI width. Returns a single value.
    • confint_norm: Similar, but baes on normal distribution. Returns a single value.
  • mean_ci_sem: Standard error and CI, you guessed it, in one table.

Plotting templates

  • tadaa_int: Simple interaction plot template.
  • tadaa_balance: Check equality of group sizes.
  • tadaa_mean_ci: Plots means with 95% confidence intervals as errorbars.
  • tadaa_plot_tukey: For pretty TukeyHSD visualization.


I rely on these awesome package for all the things this package does, so you might want to consider checking them out.

  • stats, methods, broom, magrittr, dplyr, pwr, pixiedust, car, ggplot2, lazyeval
  • sjlabelled, sjmisc, haven, ryouready, vcd, cowplot, nortest, lsr, viridis

Code of Conduct

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